Mona Velazquez (and the Impressive Impressionists)


Project title: Mona Velazquez (and the Impressive Impressionists)
Directors: Llorenç Ramis, Maria Calafat
Producer: Maria Calafat
Writers: Llorenç Ramis, Maria Calafat
Production company:
Running time: 12 episodes, 30 minutes per episode
Genre: Detective
Budget:  300.000 euros per episode
Project status:In development
Needs / Objetives: Development of a pilot episode and episode synopsis for a first season.


person: Maria Calafat


Phone: +33 769 46 69 16


Mona Velázquez is a teenage girl and art expert, thanks to the passion instilled in her by her father, a professional gallery owner. When a valuable painting disappears from her father’s gallery, and under the threat of its imminent closure, Mona and her gang of friends decide to investigate. After discovering the thief and recovering the painting, Mona and her friends become true art detectives who will solve more cases, including a series of hits perpetrated by the same cunning thief, who they consistently fail to unmask, called the Black Hand.

Note of intention:

MONA VELÁZQUEZ was born from a personal experience with our children and the need to create stories for them. Stories with content in values, the kind of stories that, when you have finished listening or watching them, you have the feeling of having learned something. We want to take advantage of the immense educational potential of audiovisuals to transmit our passion for a wonderful discipline: art. MONA VELÁZQUEZ is a series for our sons and daughters, who are in the process of growing up. Our heroes are in their adolescence and will have to learn to deal with their fears and insecurities, their self-esteem, learn to trust their peers and to defend their values. And to come to the conclusion that there are no paths marked out, that they will trace them with their own footsteps… all this while fighting a war against the most cunning art thief in history.

Directors’ biography:


I studied Scriptwriting for Television at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Since then, I have specialized in content development at Kubik Films, Movistar, Mediapro and Gaumont. Due to my academic background in the field of Children’s Literature, I am an expert in film adaptations of children’s literary sagas.


I studied Production at UCLA (USA), and worked several years as a script analyst before participating in documentaries broadcasted on IB3 Televisió de Balears, France 3 Télévisions and Amazon Prime. In 2018, my fiction feature film «The List» was the winner of the writing residency of the CineHorizontes festival (France). With my series project «La Grieta» I was a finalist in the Pitchbox of the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (2020) and selected in the CIMA IMPULSA program (2021).